Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Video Equipment

State-of-the-art audio visual technology solutions dramatically enhance patient care and healthcare environments. Avidex provides innovative AV solutions for the challenging needs of the healthcare industry.  If you are building, upgrading or expanding a hospital or medical teaching facility, we have the experience to implement telemedicine, telehealth, surgery simulation rooms and integrated operating rooms improving communications and collaboration.

Our sister company, TeleHealth Services has over 50 years of experience in providing healthcare grade televisions, patient education systems, and other communication technologies to more than 2,500 hospitals and healthcare institutions throughout America.  The healthcare AV design and integration team from Dallas-based AVCx recently joined Avidex bringing additional talents and skills, positioning Avidex to be able to offer the healthcare industry more expertise than other AV companies. We are all committed to helping healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics and physicians make their communication with others simple and effective enabling the sharing of knowledge to any place at any time.

By integrating innovative communication solutions into everyday workflow, hospitals increase patient satisfaction, improve quality of care, expand market share and maximize operational efficiencies. As these evolving technologies offer new and powerful capabilities for your healthcare business, you can count on Avidex to provide the latest in presentation and communication options and to continue to support and maintain the systems for the life of your facility. That means when you need us to solve an existing problem or to provide a creative solution, Avidex will be there for you.

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