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Private Bank
Boardroom and Lobby | Digital Signage

SCOPE: A leading financial institution required an impressive boardroom with the latest in communication technology for their presentations. They needed a system that allowed spreadsheet presentations visible to all attendees in a conference room over 20-feet long. The biggest challenge with this project was the wall of glass to the outside which provided a high level of ambient light. The room had also been designed using several pendant lights over the center of the table, making the use of a projection device not feasible. The challenge in any boardroom is to make sure the person at the head of the table, usually the most important person in the meeting, can easily view the screen at the far end of the table. Avidex created a two-by-two matrix of flat screen monitors with thin bezels and a blending device that allowed the four flat screens to operate as one or independently, for marketing or video conferencing events. This project is "hi-tech meets elegance." The matrix of monitors were inset into a veneer architectural wall providing an upscale overall appearance. The video panels were the perfect solution creating a clear, sharp and vibrant image with the challenges stemming from the lighting issues. The ambient outside light was controlled by tinted window applique. The projection system installed is capable of displaying media from DVD/BluRay, VTC, dedicated computer and satellite. Avidex supplied 6 flush-mounted ceiling speakers for excellent sound quality.

A large 46 inch display was installed in their main lobby for digital signage functionality - displaying marketing messages and a constant flow of local, national, and financial news.