Documentation & Training

We work hard to take the intimidation out of AV systems.

Our goal is to ensure that you and your colleagues completely understand and will fully benefit from the features and functionality of your new audio video system.

To better orient you with your system, Avidex offers training packages and deliverables that are designed to meet our customer's engineering and specific job needs. Avidex provides professional systems training classes following installation on the proper operation to assure comfort with the technologies installed. We provide documentation which includes training materials, an "as-built" signal flow drawing set, as well as equipment operations manuals for system components. The manuals are intuitive and written in layperson terms.

Comments we hear most often...

"After attending system training, our staff feels new confidence when presenting and expressed a noticeable increase in the effectiveness of communication and visual delivery of their message."

"Our Team continues to find innovative ways to use the new AV tools available to them for their presentations and collaborative meeting sessions."

Let Avidex help you maximize your organization's ROI!