Avidex's installation teams are among the most competent, dedicated, highly trained professionals in the industry. Avidex is a licensed low voltage audio visual contractor with factory-trained, industry-certified technicians. Attention to detail and quality are assured with every installation. Our installers have been trained to meet Avidex's exacting quality standards. Our unique ability to quickly scale for very large jobs is enhanced by the use of trusted subcontractors. Avidex has an international network of vetted subcontractors, many that we have worked with for years, that help us meet our goal of "on time and on budget."

Avidex Fabrication Facilities

Avidex maintains fabrication facilities to assure that the AV systems we design are delivered with the highest quality. The facilities give Avidex the ability to stage, pre-test, configure and build complex and large systems in a controlled environment prior to final installation. We can assure predictable performance to our clients by providing pre-tested systems. Pre-fabrication ensures smooth engineering and minimizes the risks and timeframes associated with construction and on-site integration.

Several services are performed in our fabrication facilities:

  • Assembly
  • Systems Configuration and Testing
  • Systems Analysis and Trouble-Shooting
  • System Prototyping
  • Cable and Wiring Testing
  • Audio System Assembly and Testing