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“Are You Not Entertained?”

“Are You Not Entertained?”

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night or found yourself home from work sick, you know how difficult it can be to find something worthwhile on television. The experience is usually marked by listless channel surfing before you settle on a movie you’ve seen 18 times only to realize that every 10 minutes the movie pauses to launch into a 5-minute commercial break. At home, fortunately, you are not confined to one room or a bed, and you have access to other entertainment options like a favorite DVD or book. Imagine however you find yourself in a hospital bed, connected to medical equipment with nothing to focus your attention on but the TV hanging in the corner. In the past, this may have been a source of patient anxiety, but in today’s high tech world, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The modern medical facility has a great number of options when it comes to providing an “at home” entertainment experience to their patients. Gone are the days when an off-air antenna or a stack of cable boxes in the basement provided a few channels of content to patient rooms over coax. The patient entertainment experience can now be highly customizable and individualized. This allows the healthcare facility to offer more patient amenities similar to the hospitality industry.

An investment in a comprehensive visual communications solution provides the following advantages:

High Definition Programming– Nothing says, “I’m not at home”, more than a 19” TV up in the corner playing a static-ridden rerun of The Brady Bunch. HD displays combined with HD content are familiar and a default patient expectation.

Diverse Channel Line-Ups- Whether you choose IPTV, Direct TV, or cable, new systems allow the healthcare provider to create customized channel line-ups that best reflect the needs of their diverse patient population.

Customized Content- Need to share menu information around hospital meal options, the general material on hospital offerings, or important accreditation communications? Facilities can create their own channels to share this news and more.

Patient-Specific Information– Provide easy, on-demand access to information, after-care instructions, and discharge information that patients can review at their own pace and frequency and create a digital record for your hospital files for reduction of liability and accreditation purposes. Hospitals can automate the delivery of this information by interfacing with their EMR, providing another way to leverage their existing investment.

On-Demand Entertainment- No more starting a movie in the middle and then watching an equal amount of commercials. Choose from an extended library of movies and shows just like you would at home.

Relaxation- Nothing provides a more optimal healing environment more than your soothing music and calming imagery. Modern systems offer access to this programming because a reduction of stress is shown to promote positive medical outcomes.

Not every patient has an iPad at their side and even if they did, the WiFi would have a hard time keeping up. A well planned, integrated visual communications system allow healthcare facilities to leverage existing investments in healthcare televisions and infrastructure while providing a more reliable and universally accessible way for patients to pass the time while hospitalized. Add in the benefits of providing on-demand patient education, and you will be providing an experience that also reduces readmissions and empowers your patients in the recovery process. It’s a winning solution for both the facility and the patient.

Avidex AV is revolutionizing the way healthcare facilities and doctors are delivering care. Their 20 years of experience is being leveraged to drive down the cost of care while promoting positive healthcare outcomes. Is your organization looking for a new kind of technology partner? Connect with one of our Account Executives today to learn more.







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