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Guest Entertainment Systems in Healthcare

Beyond TV: Guest Entertainment Systems in Healthcare

Let’s face it. No matter how amazing your healthcare facility is and how great the doctors are, the reality is that being admitted to the hospital is never any fun.  It has to rank way down the list of “ways you’d love to spend your days”.

With a positive attitude being a potential component of a speedy recovery, it’s only logical that creating a better patient experience in the patient’s room itself can go a long way toward generating positive patient outcomes.

The patient room of the past included a TV and a remote that controlled the channels, sound, lighting and potentially a nurse call button as well. Today, however, with the march of technology moving ever forward, there are ways to elevate the patient room experience beyond that paper privacy curtain and a TV.  In fact, adding this type of technology has even changed the way people look at being hospitalized, from being a patient to being a “guest”. With that, we offer up these few simple ways to elevate your guest experiences by turning your TV into a Guest Entertainment System.

Modernize- Nothing says I’m in a foreign land from years past than a 150lb, 27” CRT television hanging from the ceiling via a heavy duty pole and tray.  Flat Panel LCD screens in the 30” range are more affordable than ever.  They give your guest rooms a modern look and offer 21stconnectivity options as well.

Connect- Having an LCD screen in the room can give your guests access to much more than some Brady Bunch reruns. These screens can be connected to an enterprise-grade video teleconferencing (VTC) system to allow patients to remotely connect to doctors and specialists. Smart TVs may also include a built-in app suite that allows guests to connect with family and friends via consumer-grade VTC platforms like Skype.  Nothing reduces anxiety than instant access to a doctor or raises spirits like the face of a loved one.

Control- Ahhhh, the Internet of Things! (IoT) Everything from light bulbs to thermostats to window shades is now all WiFi enabled.  Allow your guests to control their surroundings through a dashboard on their LCD screen and assure their surroundings always meet their needs.

Share- There is a very high likelihood that your guests already have a connected computer with a 4” LCD screen in their pockets when they arrive. Offer the ability to share that device to the LCD screen in the room.  There are lots of wireless options today to do that.  Everything from an Apple TV with mirroring, to WiDi, to Miracast allow devices to connect and share media to other screens via a wireless network access point.

Educate- Towards the end of any guest’s stay, there comes a time when discharge instructions are given as well as information about continued home care. This information should be readily available to the guest at their convenience for the best possible absorption and retention of this important information.  Many of these Interactive Patient Education Systems also allow the facility to track and verify the information was viewed for liability purposes, and the potentially reduced readmissions may save the facility a ton of money in government fines.

Gamify- Whether it’s creating trivia challenges that allow guests to test their mettle about aftercare instructions or providing app-based game entertainment via an Android-based USB stick computer or a new Apple TV, there are a lot of ways to bring some much-needed fun and escape into the guest room via video games. The nature of connected displays means that they could even play games with family members at home as well.  Come on, you know you like them too. At the end of the day, these tips can all help your rooms offer your guests the comforts of home. With a healthy mind being at least the start of a healthy body, and the healthcare landscape shifting towards payments based on patient outcomes and not services rendered, can your facility afford not to?

Avidex is revolutionizing the way healthcare facilities and doctors are delivering care. Their 20 years of experience is being leveraged to drive down the cost of care while promoting positive healthcare outcomes. Is your organization looking for a new kind of technology partner? Connect with one of our Account Executives today to learn more.







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