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Cell Coverage: Amplification Solutions

Bridging the Gap in Cell Coverage: Amplification Solutions

As much as cellular service has permeated the far corners of the globe, there are still places where — whether because of a remote location, environmental interference, or building materials — indoor cell signal reception is problematic. Cell phone signal amplifiers address this problem by amplifying existing, strong outside cell signals and pushing it to indoor areas where a signal is weak.


Construction materials like metal, concrete, and insulated glass block the cellular signal. Obstructions between your building and the nearest cell tower—including neighboring businesses, trees, mountains, or other landmarks—can adversely affect signal strength. Fortunately, there are commercial-grade solutions that can help overcome these signal challenges. Whether it's improving the patient experience, promoting employee productivity and satisfaction, expanding coverage for safety at school sites, or anything in between there are custom solutions to help organizations solve their cellular connectivity issues.


How Cell Signal Amplification Works

Amplification, when the signal is transmitted over the communication channel and before it is received at the receiver, is generally suffering distortion by heavy noises coming from the background, atmosphere, etc. sources or say louder sounds than the signal. The same materials that block heat from entering your office building also block other longwave electromagnetic radiation, including wavelengths used by cellular devices.



Benefits of Cell Amplification

Cell signal amplifiers can improve call quality and cellular data reception inside residential buildings, hotels, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, warehouses, and other buildings of all sizes. These boosters are FCC-approved and can detect and collect cell signals that are up to 30 times fainter than what can be detected by a mobile device. Cell phone signal amplifiers address existing, strong outside cell signals and push it to indoor areas where the signal is weak. The benefits include:

  • Fewer dropped calls and lost connections
  • Faster, cleaner data transfers
  • Secure, reliable connections even in weak signal areas
  • Enhanced indoor coverage areas
  • Extends the battery life of cellular devices
  • Works across all major cellular carriers


Working with a Professional Integrator

A professional, certified integrator will have an in-depth working knowledge of the different products that can improve signal inside of buildings and how they can be used. They’ll test your cell phone reception, perform site surveys, prioritize your signal needs, and install cell phone signal boosters to increase your cell amplification. An integrator will understand the exact details of your installation, which will vary depending on the type of organization/business, the construction of the building, and any aesthetic requirements. School or campus installations, for example, often feature thicker interior wall construction with concrete and brick. In these facilities, we’ll work with you to recommend the antenna that best satisfies the need for both aesthetics and coverage.


How Can Avidex Help?

Almost every commercial, healthcare, or school facility has cell coverage challenges. As a certified cellular amplification integrator, Avidex will work with you to best meet your challenges and goals. We’ll conduct a thorough consultation, including site survey, and propose and install a customized solution to address your specific cellular connectivity needs. 

Avidex delivers innovative AV solutions that enable organizations and enterprises to collaborate, create, and share ideas through state-of-the-art audiovisual and unified communication technologies. Avidex specializes in creating an unparalleled client experience in the use of collaborative audiovisual solutions as a national pro-AV integrator providing design, build, and service excellence.


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