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How to Avoid Collaborative Overload

How to Avoid Collaborative Overload

Whether in a classroom or conference room, collaborative efforts have been highlighted as the keys to success when it comes to co-creation, innovation, and maximized productivity. Supporting research has led companies and schools to redesign gathering spaces, prioritizing openness, and ample meeting rooms over isolated desks, yet new emerging studies warn of a new danger: Collaborative Overload.

Identifying Overload

It may seem contradictory to imagine excessive collaboration as detrimental to overall productivity; however, corporate success depends on focused collaboration, instead of excessive collaboration. For example, studies conducted by the Harvard Business Review indicate that as much as one-third of valuable employee feedback is actually generated by only 3% to 5% of the participating workforce, leading to eventual stress, burnout, and apathy. All these effects can kill the necessary engagement and heighten turnover rates. In other industries, such as higher education, this leads to lower retention rates and less student engagement, which –just like in business– harms the entire institution.

Minimizing disengagement without losing collaboration is vital to transform overloaded spaces into purposeful meeting areas designed for targeted results.

Less is Best

With 63% of IT technicians responding to multiple AV concerns per week, Avidex focuses on simplifying and standardizing audiovisual solutions. This approach minimizes time spent deploying and maintaining various systems across an organization. Installing reliable, standardized, and user-friendly solutions create spaces that nurture focused collaboration while:

  • Lessening disruptions – Easy-to-deploy LG displays enhance videoconferencing with pristine visibility and seamless input adjustments to keep your participants continuously attentive. Empower your presentations with intuitive visual technology equipped with glare reduction and wireless content management platforms for easy presentation control.
  • Lessening confusion – Accommodating familiar portable devices, to streamline disparate technology through devices your team already knows, reduces complicated set-ups while gathering participants onto user-friendly systems. 
  • Lessening expenditure – Naturally simplistic solutions foster more focused meetings, conversations, and decision making.

With the help of well designed and intuitive audiovisual solutions, including crisp displays and user-friendly unified communication platforms, Avidex elevates collaboration efforts while enhancing decision-making even in the smallest spaces.

Streamline collaborative efforts with Avidex.


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