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How To: Create the Student-Friendly Audiovisual Solution

Whether in the classroom or a conference room, effective audiovisual technology serves as a support system, enhancing the presentation and reducing distractions. However, the vast majority of educators require additional standards in implementing technology in classrooms. Research conducted by the Clayton Christensen Institute outlines the following common educational goals for evaluating educational technologies:

  • Does it improve the school setting?

  • Does it facilitate student engagement?

  • Does it enhance the instructional model for struggling students?

Simply put, if these goals aren’t met, then the solution may not be suitable for the educational environment.

In 2017, studies conducted by the Phoenix College of Education reported that 63% of K-12 educators use technology in the classroom daily. From presentation solutions to interactive displays and projectors, new audiovisual technologies have surfaced with the sole purpose of supporting educational goals efficiently and seamlessly.

Elevate the Classroom Setting:

Environmental factors can contribute to students’ focus, such as room lighting, temperature, and sound.  Augmented room control technology can expand the educator’s control over the classroom experience to create a learning environment that best fits their students. Better support for varied learning styles, and enhance engagement with live streaming lectures or create high-quality recordings available on-demand with dedicated AV technology for lecture capture.

Maximize Student Engagement:

In and out of the classroom, student engagement ultimately determines student success. Student-centered technology, such as LG’s interactive educational displays, fosters engagement by bringing lessons alive through enhanced readability, true-to-life imaging, and optimized screen response time, allowing students to participate in their own learning experience directly.

Embracing Learning Diversity:

Before selecting any particular audiovisual solution, it is imperative to keep learning diversity in mind. With several different types of learners (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.), your AV solution should accommodate unique audiences. Changing display settings or creating auditory lessons that benefit the entire audience can lead to:

  • Higher test scores

  • Higher self-esteem

  • Higher literacy rates

  • Better attentiveness

While innovative technology may be stunning at face-value, the academic setting requires versatility and simplicity to mold learners into leaders. Committed to quality and affordable innovation, Avidex helps elevate the campus and learning experience.

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