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Maximize the Impact of Digital Wayfinding

Maximize the Impact of Digital Wayfinding

In a new environment, no resource is more valuable than effective wayfinding. Correctly placed signage can lower confusion by providing a sense of location and familiarity within an unknown landscape; however, when does efficiently, the benefits of wayfinding can extend beyond initial purposes.

Digital signage and wayfinding applications can significantly impact your visitor’s experience and perception before a single word is spoken. Research conducted by the University of Kentucky’s Department of Landscape and Architecture outlines several wayfinding benefits that extend across industries, including:

  • Increased sense of community and belonging

  • Reduced confusion that could lead to stress

  • An established atmosphere of inclusion that extends beyond four walls

  • Subtle sharing of your message in a stress-free environment

  • Boosted brand-awareness

  • Innovative architecture complemented by your relevant messaging

Whether for college campuses, corporate buildings, or government spaces, efficient wayfinding ultimately creates a sense of identity. Plus, while they assist your community in spatial navigation, they also spread the essence of your branding and values in a friendly new way across a larger space.

Tips for wayfinding success:

Choose an audiovisual integrator that can help bring your goals for wayfinding to fruition by integrating the best-fit wayfinding applications and display technologies for simplicity and ease of management. For example, using LG’s high-definition displays, we create virtually seamless solutions designed to:

  • Vitalize your messaging with crisp text and maximized readability and consolidate visual control through one accessible channel

  • Facilitate remote maintenance, upgrades, and security

  • Create faster communication channels that provide real-time information

As specialists in collaborative innovation, Avidex understands the importance of pairing your strong message to engaging audiovisual technology. 


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