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Stress and Collaboration Don’t Mix. See What Avidex is Doing About It.

Whether in the academic or corporate setting, stress has found its way into virtually every aspect of American life. While a little bit of stress is acceptable, overbearing mental strain and fatigue can significantly impact individual employees and their organizations. Work stress alone can cost as much as $300 billion a year in healthcare costs, lost productivity, and employee absenteeism. Furthermore, the Society for Human Resource Management found that companies may spend over 75% of an employee’s typical $60,000 salary in making up for lost productivity.  

Stress hinders the necessary collaborative efforts that drive efficiency, not to mention the disastrous health risks it poses to over 85.6 million Americans currently living with heart disease[1].  Dedicated to creating collaborative and safe spaces that nurture growth, Avidex explores the small ways simplified technology can help alleviate work stress.

What Can Technology Do?

While technology is not the leading cause of worker stress, it is definitely still one of them. As technology advances, employees may feel pressured to perform better and faster while staying ahead of new changes. In addition to obligatory training sessions, complicated technology can also stifle teamwork as workers struggle to adapt to new expectations and communication channels. Audiovisual technology should aim to lessen stress levels by:

  • Retaining familiarity – While remaining innovative, new technology should be based on familiar experiences. For example, new-generation audiovisual solutions such as LG’s interactive displays embody this ideal by integrating InTouch technology into their displays to mimic consumer-grade mobile touchscreens. 

  • Simplifying the user-experience – Solutions with plug-and-play capabilities and open platforms create a simplified user-experience, aiding in faster and better employee acceptance.  For example, most LG displays are compatible with enterprise videoconferencing and AV control systems, as well as wireless content sharing, providing users with various collaborative outlets.

  • Supporting your team – Reliable real-time tech support and ongoing preventative maintenance should be part of your project scope to preserve system uptime with fewer headaches. Avidex offers dedicated 360˚ ServiceTM and Support with remote monitoring and system analytics with all our installations.

To learn more about how you can keep your workplace technology stress-free, Speak with our AV Specialists, and integrate simplicity back into collaboration.

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Avidex delivers innovative AV solutions that enable organizations and enterprises to collaborate, create, and share ideas through state-of-the-art audiovisual and unified communication technologies. Avidex specializes in creating an unparalleled client experience in the use of collaborative audiovisual solutions as a national pro-AV integrator providing design, build, and service excellence.

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