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  • Sutter Health CEO Sheds Light On The Future of Healthcare
    Perhaps no other topic has been discussed and debated over the past few years more than healthcare. No matter your stage of life or what you do for a living, access to quality healthcare is an important issue and while certain steps have been taken over the past several years to improve the system, there is most certainly a ways to go before it will be optimized. At Avidex AV, we have an entire division of our business dedicated to the healthcare industry because we see the way technology is shaping the industry.
  • 4K Video Resolution And What It Means To Healthcare
    VAVideo communication plays an essential role in the medical field. Videoconferencing can be used to consult specialists on the opposite end of the globe, so that they can provide their expert medical opinion. Students can observe a medical procedure, even a complex surgery, live via video feed in the classroom, to give them a firsthand look at how it's performed.
  • Skilled Nurses Using Telepresence To Bridge An Important Healthcare Gap
    As the aging population increases and more and more seniors move into skilled nursing facilities, the requirements for specialized care continue to increase. With certain facilities within immediate reach of highly specialized physicians, around the clock care may seem manageable, but for many of these skilled nursing facilities where patient requirements can vary and timing is all but impossible to plan, proximity alone isn’t enough to make sure all of their bases are covered. For healthcare organizations, having all of the specialties within your practice is rare, so for skilled nursing fa
  • Video infrastructure- Are you ready for the coming demands of video communication on your network?
    Video communication is becoming an increasingly integral part of modern business, including healthcare. From orientation videos to streaming video content to videoconferencing and remote collaborative projects, video is changing the way we interact with each other and with our technology.
  • Will Doctors Be Required To Be Licensed In Every State They Practice Telemedicine?
    dr with a mapThis past June, the Chicago based American Medical Association published a set of recommended policies for the advancement of telemedicine.

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