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  • What New Entrants Need To Know About Telemedicine

    patient watching videoWith an expected compound growth rate of 14% and an estimated annual jump of users to more than 7 million by 2018, the telemedicine market has a lot of reasons for businesses serving healthcare to get excited.

  • Telemedicine: Much To Like About This Technology

    While the adoption rate is growing, the fact is, the term Telemedicine has been around for a long time. So what makes it innovative?

    For as long as there have been phones, there has been an ability for patients to connect with their doctors and nurses to get questions answered and some immediate help if required. Isn’t that pretty much telemedicine?

    Perhaps at the very surface this is the case, but telemedicine really offers so much more and it is this “More” that makes it truly innovative.

  • How Critical Information On Displays Is Used Throughout Healthcare Facilities

    display in op roomHealthcare is a field that hinges upon the timely, efficient exchange of information. Doctors need to get information from their patients about health problems, and then they need to provide the patients with information about how they can recover from those problems.

  • Experts Weigh In On How Technology and Telemedicine Can Help Older People

    The population is aging, and as obvious as that may seem, a large part of the boomer population is quickly nearing retirement. With this change of lifestyle, it is important that this large demographic stays physically and mentally active and connected by technology.

    Wait, did we say connected by technology?

  • Telemedicine Is Key To Big Savings In Healthcare

    money and stethascopeOne of the truly great things about technology investments are that they are rarely purchased purely for technology, but rather as a means to running healthier, stronger and more profitable organizations.

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