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  • See The Doctor While Sitting In Your Office

    employee with dr on computerThe old sick day. Something pops up in the office and you needed to leave, just tell the boss you aren’t feeling well and away you go.

    But wait, not so fast.

  • How To Use Technology To Save Money And Increase Efficiency Through Standardization

    presentation room ftraining room f

  • The Importance of Staying Vendor Neutral For Telehealth Adoption

    The obvious benefits of telemedicine such as access to care and reduced cost in care delivery have become overwhelmingly hot topics in the medical community.

    From newly imposed guidelines on reimbursement from the AMA to the continued growing adoption numbers that are coming up in studies by some of the leading analysts around the country. In short, Telemedicine is growing.

  • Sure, We’ve Heard of Telemedicine, But What About Telepharmacy?

    When it comes to innovation, sometimes there are big sweeping changes and sometimes there are small more elegant changes, but either way, when innovation is done right it can change an industry.

    For instance, when Telemedicine first made its way into the medical community it was a giant sweeping innovation that put a new light on an entire industry. Serving customers from hundreds or thousands of miles away using technology? That was a big deal.

  • How To Share Documents Wirelessly To Your Presentation

    easy buttonCommunication without Boundaries is the ultimate achievement for any group trying to make the experience of meetings seamless, wireless, unobtrusive and simple.  Unlike the commercials on television, the big "EASY" button rarely exists in conference rooms and meeting spaces.

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