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  • Are Doctors Too Connected To Their Technology?

    Today technology has become an inseparable part of the healthcare industry, facilitating effective treatment, lowering medical costs, and bettering continuity of care. While doctors are leveraging technology to provide treatment and care, there may be concern that they are becoming too connected to technology.

  • Skills Based Routing: The Smart Way to Communicate

    The accurate and efficient flow of information is essential in a medical environment.  A patient’s call to a hospital or clinic needs to be routed to the right person in a timely fashion.  Patient information needs to be transmitted efficiently to medical staff and caregivers too.

  • The Changing Landscape for Healthcare CIOs

    Over the past decade, the healthcare sector has gone through significant changes, and with the growing importance of technology in healthcare, the change has been substantial. The healthcare sector has not only embraced tech innovations such as telehealth, remote monitoring, and unified communications, but it is also developing new ways to implement these innovations, from creating better treatment procedures to positively impacting the overall healthcare system. As such, the role of hospital CIOs has transformed drastically.

  • Medicine Going Mobile: Two Telemedicine Trends Driving Advances in Healthcare

    Medicine is increasingly going mobile.  Video conferencing, satellite communications, Wi-Fi and other communications technologies are transforming the field of medicine by allowing healthcare providers to treat patients at a distance.  Mobile medical vans and telemedicine carts are two trends that are revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare.

  • Case Study - Remote Monitoring in ICU

    While telemedicine is creating ripples in the healthcare sector, remote care is being adopted by many clinics and healthcare providers to offer better healthcare to patients without the escalating cost of traditional medicine.

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