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  • Design vs. Disruption in 2015

    The healthcare industry is experiencing a mighty wave of technology that is inevitably changing its landscape. Last year, we saw the telehealth market booming, and a wide-scale adoption of telemedicine and remote monitoring took place. Those changes indicate the coming of a bigger and more divisive force that could change the face of healthcare sector completely. Many are wondering if the approach is best suited for the healthcare industry, or if a more sustainable and design-oriented approach is more appropriate.

  • Getting Real: How Simulation Improves Medical Training

    The captain peers out of the cockpit window at the runway below.  Suddenly, an emergency light blinks on the flight panel.  The controls seem stiff, unresponsive and one of the engines just conked out.  This is his first flight, and he’s not sure what to do.  Thankfully, the pilot in question was taking a training session in a flight simulator.  He’ll walk away from his mistakes and learn from hours of virtual experience.  When it comes time to fly a real plane, he’ll be prepared.

  • The Present and the Future of the Global Telehealth Market: An Overview

    With the adoption of telemedicine growing phenomenally in 2014, it has been a banner year for telehealth. Will this trend continue to grow? What lies ahead for the telemedicine industry?  A recent article published on discusses the trends and forecasts put forth by a new report by TechNavio called the Global Telehealth Market 2015-2019.

  • Looking at What 2015 Will Bring for Telemedicine

    2014 was an exciting year for the global telemedicine industry, with a growing number of medical service providers turning to it to provide immediate and cost-effective healthcare to patients worldwide. We have seen the coming of telemedicine robots (by Dignity health), Google launching its video platform for remote medical consultation, and retail giants such as Walgreens, Walmart, Target, and CVS throwing their hats into the telehealth ring.


  • Telemedicine to the Rescue in Emergency Care

    Technology is an ever-changing thing! Like new cars depreciating the minute they enter the highway from the car dealership’s driveway, my phone was obsolete less than 60 days after purchasing it.

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