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  • Video: Keeping Patients Out of ERs

    If everything goes as Health and Human Services (HHS) has planned for the next three years, a major share of Medicare spending could be moving toward accountable healthcare, instead of the traditional or fee-for-service care that we are familiar with. A recent article published on has discussed the implications of this move in the context of the growing popularity of digital healthcare.

  • Cracking the Code of State-of-the-Art Hospital Communication

    A patient is rapidly transported into the ER.  He was stabilized by the paramedics on the way to the hospital and is immediately placed in the ICU.  The staff efficiently transfers him from the gurney to his bed and hooks him back up to the heart and respiratory monitors.  Then something goes wrong.  The patient’s heart stops.  The attending ER nurse rushes to her station, picks up her phone, and calls for a “code blue” response.

    There’s only one problem, no one heard it because the emergency notification system was not designed properly.

  • Top 10 Health Technologies to Watch in 2015

    The field of healthcare technology has witnessed some radical changes over the past few years: advancements in the continuity of care, virtual consultation, treatment and care process innovations, and more. What will be the impact of these changes? Will they enhance patient care, or blow up medical spending for infrastructure, capital equipment, and physician preference items?

  • Virtual Medicine: The Cure for Complying With Government Mandates

    Keeping a lid on medical costs has proven to be a Herculean task.  Numerous financial experts –Warren Buffet, for instance – have warned that spending 20% of the nation’s GDP on health care is neither wise nor sustainable.  Consequently, policymakers, government agencies and legislation — including the Affordable Care Act — have attempted to reign in spiraling health-related expenses.

  • How is Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) helping the healthcare sector?

    Video collaboration technology has been at the forefront of healthcare innovations recently. With the widespread adoption of telehealth and remote monitoring across the U.S and other countries worldwide, video is increasingly becoming a part of mainstream healthcare. The promise of the highest quality treatment, continuity of care, and round-the-clock medical assistance at lower cost than traditional healthcare practices make video contributions quite desirable.

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