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  • Telemedicine: A $428 Million Silver Bullet?

    When I was a small child watching Saturday morning cartoons on our 300-pound console television set in my living room, I imagined what the year 2015 might bring while watching the Jetsons. I looked forward to the flying car that came out of a briefcase, “Rosey” the robot maid and the talking interactive TV set with Mr. Spacely yammering at George all the time.

  • The Wait is Over- Technology and the Continuum of Care

    Imagine you aren’t feeling well.  You call your doctor to get an appointment.  You are lucky and are able to get an appointment within a week due to a cancellation.  You have to schedule a couple hours off of work to travel to the doctor’s office and conduct the appointment.  A week later you leave work and get to the doctor’s office at the scheduled time.  It takes 30 minutes for you to be called back to an examination room by the nurse.  He conducts a brief precursory check of your vitals and then says the doctor will be with you shortly.  Another 20 minutes pass and the doctor comes into

  • Patient Tracking Systems: Reducing the Cost of Healthcare and Waiting Room Anxiety

    Take a moment to think about all of the departments within a modern-day hospital.  There is the emergency room (ER), the intensive care unit (ICU), the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), radiology, oncology, the operating room, neurology, obstetrics, cardiology, etc.  Some hospitals like Seattle Children’s have over a hundred different departments, clinics, and programs.  Now consider that patients may need to visit various departments during their hospital visit and you may start to get an idea of how challenging it can

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