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  • Breaking Through the Telemedicine Payment Barrier

    A tale of two doctors. 

  • Babies with Hearing Impairments? We’ve got an “app” for that.

    As parents, we try to find that edge; the advantages that will help our children grow and mature faster, stronger, better than we did when we were young.  We strive to make their paths to learning easier, to help them avoid the “school of hard knocks”, and for them to be smarter than we are and achieve more than we did.  Our parents wanted the same for us, and their parents the same for them.

  • Avidex Awarded PAMF Los Gatos Center Project, Opening June 22

    The project was a TEECOM AV design/bid that Avidex submitted on and was awarded the job. Avidex was subcontracted by Redwood Electric (the electrical contractor) to provide the audiovisual equipment and installation.

  • Are you getting your part of the $19 million dollar giveaway?

    You heard that right, the USDA has just approved $19,000,000 in grant money specifically for telemedicine and distance learning.  The even better part is, you still have until July 6, 2015, to apply for your share of these funds!

    Rural should never mean low-tech. In fact, remote locations have the potential to realize even better efficiencies and higher ROI on investments in telemedicine and education due to reduced costs of transport and travel.

  • Beyond Dial a Doc: 3 Tips for Next Level Telemedicine Systems

    The field of medicine is ever evolving. The first doctors walked from village to village to see their patients. In the old west, doctors dropped everything to saddle their horse, rode the range and got to their patient’s home as fast as they could. The invention of the buggy and then eventually the automobile allowed them to travel safer, faster, and farther. Today distance and time are no longer even factors. Doctors will appear on our TVs, phones, tablets and even our watches…just another step toward “quick and convenient” medicine. But simple and easy is not always the best medicine.

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