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  • How Healthy is Your Technology Experience?

    A year ago, one of my two horses decided to step on my left foot. After applying 1,800 pounds of pressure on my foot, my quarter horse walked away. I was rushed to the hospital for a visit with my ER doctor. I remember them asking about my pain level when I got into the waiting room…then they administered the proper amount of pain meds to make my stay comfortable.  For the hour-and-a-half, I waited to get x-rays and a walking cast fitted, my pain started to subside. I was glad I whimped out and told them a “9” because I could not have handled not getting the pain relief sooner than later.

  • Just in Case vs. Just in Time: Effectively Managing Audio Video Systems in Healthcare

    There is a company in Arizona with a very unusual name. This company specializes in doing 3D renderings and architectural Auto-CAD work for some of the nation’s top home builders. If you are wondering why large production home builders would outsource CAD work, you need to look no further than the construction cycle. Builders go through a design phase where they engineer new floor plans for homes. They may do that for several “series” of homes so that they have plans that can work on varying lot sizes in different communities.

  • The Doctor’s Watch Just Stole My Medical Records (and Other Strange Tales)

    James Bond is stuck. He is 500 feet from safety, bad guys are approaching and all that is keeping him from safety is a large ravine, a wire cable draped across that ravine and those pesky 500 feet. He takes his Omega Sea Master watch, unscrews the crown and out comes a small wire, which he wraps around the hanging draped wire and traverses himself to safety, 500 feet across the Swiss Alps to safety. All from a watch! Imagine what MacGyver could have done with that watch! I am a watch guy…love them and collect them.

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