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  • Have Your Telemedicine Wishes “Granted.” Act Now!

    When I was in college, they always talked about “finding money” for a project or a need on campus. When I talked to the Business Development guy, he always told me that “using other people’s money is always better than having to use only yours!”

  • Are You Ready? The Tele-Med Act of 2015

    My parents taught me a few things growing up: open the door for all females (no matter the age); be polite; say “thank you”, “please” and “your welcome” when needed; and never talk religion and politics in social settings. Okay, so some of them I do all the time, and one of them, talking politics in a social setting, I will break today!

  • Beyond TV: Guest Entertainment Systems in Healthcare

    Let’s face it. No matter how amazing your healthcare facility is and how great the doctors are, the reality is that being admitted to the hospital is never any fun.  It has to rank way down the list of “ways you’d love to spend your days”.

    With a positive attitude being a potential component of a speedy recovery, it’s only logical that creating a better patient experience in the patient’s room itself can go a long way toward generating positive patient outcomes.

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