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  • Ace Ventura: TeleVet???

    I live on a real-life working farm. Oh no, not that kind of farm, it is a horse farm.  It still keeps me busy stacking hay, feeding, cleaning stalls and taking care of the animals. I don’t need to buy an expensive John Deere to do my work!

  • Plane Ol’ Video Teleconferencing

    I was out shoveling snow last winter and I heard a thundering sound that I have never experienced before in the winter time…a massive helicopter flying low and fast right over the top of my roof and tree line heading into the St. Cloud area in Central Minnesota.

  • From Hospital to Hospitality- How Does Your Facility Rate?

    You awake from a dream and survey your surroundings.

  • Deliver Better Care, Be More ‘Sensor’-tive.

    A four-year-old is admitted to the hospital with a congenital heart condition.

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