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  • The Patient Journey, Technology, and the Waiting Room

    As a recap in case you missed the beginning of this series, a patient journey map has two lines.  One line is the patient’s expected level of satisfaction.  This is the base level of expectation of what they feel a normal patient experience entails.  The second line contours the experience itself.  This line typically goes up and down throughout the patient journey, many times above the level of expectation, and many times dropping below gradually, or sometimes suddenly before returning.  These are called cliffs, and many times the patient careens off of these cliffs into a ravine of dissat

  • Journey Mapping, Technology, and the Patient Experience

    Journey mapping has become a very popular exercise across several industries, including manufacturing, services and yes, you guessed it, healthcare. Journey mapping is much more than a buzzword or a fad however. It is an essential part of developing a superior patient experience. In fact, your practice or facility may have already or be in the process of creating a map of your patient journey.

    As a quick overview for the uninitiated-

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