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  • How Outsourcing Specialized AV Needs Can Ultimately Save Your Company Money

    Recently SmithBucklin, an association management company, released the findings from a study on outsourced services. The research involved 360 senior level executives of U.S. associations and professional groups. 81 percent of the participants outsource at least one service, with multimedia production being the most popular at 52 percent.

  • AV/IT Convergence in the Control Room: What You Need to Know

    There are a few places where AV/IT converge as comprehensively as in a control room. Increasingly, AV integrators will need extensive knowledge in both AV and IT as these two disciplines continue to intertwine. Control room spaces are where this convergence can be seen clearly.

    Business opportunity in this sector is on the rise. Control rooms, along with subcategories of command and control, and surveillance are areas where outlay is on the increase. As an AV integrator, here is what you need to know to gain or increase a foothold in this lucrative market.

  • The Patient Journey, Technology, and Aftercare

    As a recap in case you missed the beginning of this series, a patient journey map has two lines.  One line is the patient’s expected level of satisfaction.  This is the base level of expectation of what they feel a normal patient experience entails.  The second line contours the experience itself.  This line typically goes up and down throughout the patient journey, many times above the level of expectation, and many times dropping below gradually, or sometimes suddenly before returning.  These are called cliffs, and many times the patient careens off of these cliff

  • Campus Security: How AV Installations can be Used to Keep Students Safe

    In the wake of recent events, school safety and security has never been more important. School officials are turning to AV installations and are getting creative when improving physical school security. With demand and security budgets increasing, here is how AV integrators can work with clients to improve safety on K-12 campuses.

    Starting Point for Physical School Security

  • How Enterprise AI will Change Unified Communications

    Enterprise AI is changing and challenging organizational landscapes all around the world. As AI intersects with AV integration and especially unified communications, what should you know to be on top of your game and ability to stay ahead? In a sector like UC which is so ripe for disruption, the value of understanding how AI is reshaping things is becoming exponentially more valuable. Let’s take a look at a few keys that can help you in the future.


    The Current Situation

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