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  • Choose the Right Technology to Avoid Downsides to Collaboration

    How to Avoid the Downside of Collaboration
    Collaboration is one of the hottest business buzzwords there is. From open floor plans to video conferencing to chat-enabled sharing software such as Slack and Box, most companies are working to make collaboration a more significant part of their culture and daily operations.

  • Investing in Outcomes, Not Solutions

    How to make the right technical choices to create a digital transformation. Giant video walls, touchscreen monitors, virtual reality headsets—bright and shiny technologies like these can be pretty enticing. And creative minds can think up workplace uses for them even when they’re not necessarily the right solutions for their particular organization.

  • Building Synergy Between Campus AV and IT Departments

    Ten years ago, AV and IT departments on college campuses remained distinct entities, rarely, if ever, need to work together. However, all that has drastically shifted in the past few years. With the proliferation of Bluetooth and BYOD, wireless classrooms, and a trend toward more collaborative and interactive learning environments, IT is present in classrooms in a way it has never been before.

  • Best Practices To Update Classroom Tech On A Tight Budget

    At a time when institutions of higher education want to show they have a competitive edge, technology is an essential differentiator. Solutions like interactive displays, content sharing tools and video conferencing enhance learning and support innovations in and out of the classroom.

  • Engage Patients with Streaming Content

    Even a short wait at a doctor’s office can seem like an eternity and, according to a recent study by Vitals, as wait time increases patient satisfaction starts to drop.

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