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PSNI Certified Global Partner

Avidex and DNG Earn PSNI Global Deployment Certification

This certification ensures that customers receive a standardized approach to service and integration no matter where in the world, their project is located because they are working with a PSNI certified integrator. With integrators on six continents and more than 170 offices across the globe, PSNI Global Alliance is the fastest-growing private network of premier technology integrators and service providers.  


“By having this certification process in place, Avidex's customers are assured they’re always going to get the same standardized, superior service from region to region, country to country,” said Chris Miller, Executive Director of PSNI Global Alliance. 


To become certified for Global Deployment, employees of Avidex/DNG must pass an exam that demonstrates mastery of global audiovisual deployment practices as outlined in the PSNI Global Deployment handbook.  Skill areas include contracts, meetings, expectations, design, programming, end-user training, project templates, project workflow, and more. PSNI integrators provide peer reviews focusing on response time, information accuracy, and whether they met or exceeded expectations, to ensure each project strictly adheres to the PSNI Global Deployment practices.   


“We’re excited that Avidex/DNG is certified for Global Deployment with PSNI,” said Jeff Davis, Avidex CEO. “ This certification allows us to work in sync with PSNI certified integrators so we can focus on the same goals for the best outcome for our customer.”


Avidex/DNG joins an elite group of certified PSNI members. The Global Deployment Committee holds an annual peer review of each certified member company. To learn more about Avidex, please visit To learn more about the PSNI Global Alliance, membership, or certification, please visit  



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Multi-national enterprises and institutions rely on companies like Avidex to deploy advanced audiovisual solutions throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. PSNI Global Alliance is a certified network of global technology providers and AV integrators delivering consistent service and support worldwide. We offer a combined talent pool of thousands of AV professionals, following the same protocols and procedures across the globe. Successfully rolling out a multi-location, the international network involves significant budgeting, scheduling, technical, and logistical challenges. Avidex has the experience, expertise, and resources to ensure successful global deployments. We have worked with some of the largest and most advanced organizations in the world to help them achieve:


• Consistency of user experience and support across their enterprise

• Schedule and budget adherence

• Minimal risk on multi-location deployment projects

• A standardized Service Level Agreement to support technology across global locations

• Support in local languages





Avidex is committed to delivering exceptional audiovisual experiences for clients who want local solutions with global reach. When you work with Avidex, you are working with a company that has gone through intensive training and certification for Global Deployment to achieve the best possible outcome for you, the client, without losing the personalized touch and local culture that you need.


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