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ClientHarborview Medical Center
Location Seattle, WA

Harborview Medical Center- University of Washington


The challenge Harborview Medical Center faced was the number of medical students attending surgical procedures in a confined space. At any given time there are several students in a full operating room that measures 15 feet by 15 feet, viewing the surgery taking place. The equipment that is necessary for a fully functioning operating room alone, took up a large portion of the space. Harborview needed a consistent solution that would record and display important surgical procedures and store them for future reference and training.



Avidex was tasked with updating Harborview Medical Center’s technology to provide recording, storage, and distribution of audio and video from three select operating rooms over a Unicast IP network. This project was realized through a coordinated system integration process involving design and integration by Avidex along with Channel technology partners Haivision and Stryker. Both of which are firmly involved with medical technologies. All parties involved contributed to this project within the facility and operating room 21, operating room 22, operating room 13, and server room BEH039.

In the four spaces Avidex installed and programmed an audio visual system with the following features and capabilities; at the core of this solution is a process involving the routing of all existing video sources into the Stryker VGA switch and then through a video scaler to the Unicast Haivision IP encoder. Once the video stream is produced it is sent to the Harborview servers and encrypted. From the servers, it can be accessed at any time by Administrators or students. This system allows editing of each stream to be done in real time to ensure that all viewed information is accurate and defined.

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