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Have Your Telemedicine Wishes “Granted.” Act Now!

Have Your Telemedicine Wishes “Granted.” Act Now!

When I was in college, they always talked about “finding money” for a project or a need on campus. When I talked to the Business Development guy, he always told me that “using other people’s money is always better than having to use only yours!”

So when the local Polycom Rep contacted me and wanted to talk about customers who might need to get some “free money” for their telemedicine or distance education projects, it sparked an interest within to see if YOU might be one of those in need of money to get a project going. Polycom has a resource that will work with you and in some cases, write the grant for you, to get funded!

Read on and let me know if you want to look into this “free money” and how Avidex and Polycom might help you get your piece of the pie!

Earlier this year, we alerted everyone to a grant opportunity provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture designed to help rural areas build their infrastructure. Since that time, 75 projects across 31 states spanning California to Alaska to Maine to Florida were awarded grants. Funds ranging from $72,000 to $500,000 helped these much-needed distance learning and telemedicine projects get off of the ground.  With over $23.4 million at stake, the people running these projects didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity.

Maybe you missed our June blog and weren’t aware of the grant opportunities above. Or maybe the whole grant process is just too convoluted and involved to dedicate your already scarce resources to pursuing with no guarantee of success.  Or maybe you were aware of the opportunities, but your project didn’t qualify because you are not in a rural area.

Whatever the reason, if you weren’t one of the 75 projects funded by the USDA, you still have an opportunity to get some much-needed grant funding for your telemedicine projects!

“How?” you ask. Well, the federal government has dozens of programs and may just have funds set aside for projects like yours.  They range across different federal departments and initiatives and can many times be much harder to identify than programs like the USDA grants above.  For this reason, these other programs are many times under-utilized and funds can go unused.

Don’t let that happen.

We rarely mention a specific product manufacturer in any of our posts here. First, because the needs of our clients vary so widely, we don’t lead with the product first but rather design solutions to fit those specific needs.  Second, because this blog is not an infomercial or an e-commerce site, it is genuinely designed to be a resource for you to keep up with technology trends and opportunities in the healthcare vertical.

However, in this case, we have to break our own rule in order to let you know about an opportunity, not a product.

Polycom is a trusted partner of ours and they run a Grant Assistance Program that tracks funding from 26 U.S. federal grant-making agencies, as well as numerous state and foundation funding sources. Not only do they track the funding, they actually help you get those funds for your projects. They take on the sometimes overwhelming task of assessing your projects ability to be funded and then help take the project from application to funding, navigating the entangled web of bureaucracy.

The opportunity is now.

Polycom has asked us to assist in identifying projects just like yours between now and February 2016, so together we can assure that the funding available is awarded to you and your telemedicine wishes are “granted” in 2016.

Contact us today to get started and potentially join the list of telemedicine projects funded! Then we can all do a little victory dance together.

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