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Sutter Health CEO Sheds Light On The Future of Healthcare

Perhaps no other topic has been discussed and debated over the past few years more than healthcare.

No matter your stage of life or what you do for a living, access to quality healthcare is an important issue and while certain steps have been taken over the past several years to improve the system, there is most certainly a ways to go before it will be optimized.

At Avidex AV, we have an entire division of our business dedicated to the healthcare industry because we see the way technology is shaping the industry. This is precisely why we love to learn, listen and share to the great minds that are talking about how the healthcare system can be improved. And by improvement, we mean more than just the technology; we mean the industry as a whole.

Recently, we came across a great online conversation with Patrick Fry, CEO of Sutter Health on Forbes. In this interview, Fry was challenged to answer questions about the future of healthcare. Topics such as how can we solve waste in the healthcare system, how do we improve care without cost, what impact will mobility have on the industry and what may the industry as a whole look like by 2025?

As an industry veteran and experienced CEO, Fry provided thoughtful feedback that wonderfully summed up so many questions that executives throughout the healthcare industry have.  For all of our readers out there, we felt this was one of those pieces that you shouldn’t miss and as we continue to find them, it will be with great pleasure that we pass them along.

For more great insights from this interview that was originally seen on Forbes, you can click here - Visionary Healthcare Leaders: Patrick Fry, Sutter Health CEO. To learn more about Avidex AV, and how we are working side by side with healthcare systems around the US to drive technology oriented solutions to yield better patient outcomes, check out our site or get in touch.

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