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Will Doctors Be Required To Be Licensed In Every State They Practice Telemedicine?

dr with a mapThis past June, the Chicago based American Medical Association published a set of recommended policies for the advancement of telemedicine. With growth in usage being imminent for the healthcare industry, this timely set of policies is designed to help healthcare organizations properly understand and utilize telemedicine as part of their growth strategies.

With their policy recommendations, the AMA also made it clear that they see the future of telepresence as important for providing new levels of access to healthcare while maintaining the highest standard of patient safety.

Perhaps one of the most interesting recommended policies that came from the AMA’s input was that doctors must be licensed in each state by which they work with patients. Meaning that if the doctor is in Colorado but the patient is in California, the doctor would need to be licensed in California in order to provide services.

This is certain to bring up a number of concerns among technology/telemedicine lobbying groups that are seeking to expand the adoption of healthcare. With such limitations, some of the benefits of connected care may be limited as is the choices for care providers for healthcare consumers.

One thing is for sure, as telemedicine continues to grow as an accepted healthcare practice, this topic is likely to be a hot one for debate as the benefits are weighed against the pitfalls of opening up borders (within the US) for healthcare systems and private practices.

Check out this article from The Washington Post Doctors must be licensed in patient’s state to practice telemedicine for more information.

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