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Investing In Sound Masking Technology.


Cadence provides the highest quality care backed by research and results and effectively treats high-risk youth without uprooting them from their home.


The Challenge

Cadence Child & Adolescent Therapy (CHAT) has 12 therapists in differing disciplines that specialize in care for children, adolescents, and their families. Located on the main floor, the facility features individual family therapy rooms and a viewing area where parents can watch and hear their child interacting with the therapist. The building management required Avidex's expertise with solving acoustical challenges in their therapy rooms as well as common areas and a large meeting room. Because of the personal and sensitive nature of the communications in the facility, it was imperative that conversations originating in a therapy or meeting room could not be heard in adjacent therapy rooms, hallways, or other common spaces.


The Solution

Cadence Child & Adolescent Therapy is committed to delivering the highest level of patient satisfaction. When CHAT expressed concerns about distracting noise with Carillon Properties, the building management company, they engaged Avidex to address the acoustical challenges of the space. Sensitive conversations with clients in the therapy areas could be overheard in the adjacent therapy areas and hallways. Ensuring speech privacy is particularly important in therapy areas and public spaces. If patients can overhear other people’s discussions, they might feel that they can also be heard by others. As a result, patients may feel that they cannot fully discuss their issues and questions with their therapist and other healthcare professionals. Understanding the healthcare environment, Avidex determined the most effective way to improve the acoustic environment was to deploy a sound masking system. Sound masking systems provide an unobtrusive and consistent background sound, similar to airflow, designed to reduce the impact of distracting noise and mask conversations. A state-of-the-art Cambridge Sound Management solution with emitters was installed in the therapy rooms and adjacent spaces to provide the necessary privacy CHAT clients and families need.



With the installation of their Cambridge Sound Management solution, noise and voices from one space to the next were silenced, providing a more effective and efficient environment in which to deliver their valuable services. The Qt Pro Sound Masking system makes conversations more difficult to hear because it reduces speech intelligibility. Privacy is improved and a patient’s fear of being overheard is reduced and the safeguard requirements as mandated by HIPAA are fulfilled.


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