Audio Solutions

Holistic Audio Integration for Schools, Businesses, and Healthcare Facilities

Custom Sound Solutions to Fit The Room 

All rooms come with unique acoustic challenges depending on layout, function, and architecture. As such there's no true one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to audio integration. Our team relies on decades of experience when it comes to crafting your audio ecosystem.

Solutions for Every Space

Classroom audio solutions meet today's challenges of hyflex teaching for both educators and students. Voice reinforcement solutions overcome vocal strain to deliver a clear and constant audio experience throughout the classroom to help keep students focused and on task.


Collage of classroom audio solutions


Without coherent audio, collaboration is impossible. The audio solutions found in our conference rooms ensure everyone has a seat at the table no matter where they're sitting. 


Conference room with ceiling microphones


A multifunction room creates value through versatility. Rooms equipped with comprehensive audio solutions allow for meeting the demands of any event, presentation, or function.  


Collage of rooms with hanging speakers


Today's training rooms are meant to be highly collaborative learning and presentation environments for hybrid audiences. Diverse audio systems and simplified controls ensure presenters can confidently share content for the optimal training and education experience.


Collage of audio technology in a forum


Our outdoor audio solutions are powerful enough to overcome natural ambiance, invasive noise sources, and fewer reflective surfaces while remaining unobtrusive in the presentation area.


Collage of outdoor speakers


Sound Masking

Hospitals and corporate offices can benefit from the acoustic privacy of sound masking for their visitors and staff. A sound masking solution installed by Avidex features multizone capabilities, program scheduling, direct or indirect positioning, and can be integrated within a paging system

3D rendering of sound masking layout

Classroom Audio

The classroom presents its own unique challenges when it comes to audio clarity and intelligibility. Classroom audio solutions are specifically designed to create educational equity for both in-person and remote students while reducing strain on educators

Classroom utilizing AV technology

Paging & Mass Notification Systems

We offer sophisticated campus-wide paging solutions that easily integrate with existing systems. A reliable paging system maximizes your teams' ability to ensure critical communication throughout your entire campus or directly with a specific location. Flexible and easy-to-use solutions such as 2-way intercoms, quality sound, safety integrations, and school bell functionality for education deployments are key to a successful campus communication solution.


  • Paging with one-way all call and group zoning
  • Door entry/security management
  • Emergency notification
  • Automatic alerts
Woman using a phone paging system

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