Audiovisual Technology for Healthcare

Avidex delivers innovative and collaborative solutions specifically designed for the healthcare industry to improve the patient, staff, and visitor experience.


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AV Integration for Better Healthcare Experiences

Inside and Outside the Patient Room

The Avidex healthcare team specializes in meeting the unique needs and requirements of healthcare environments with audiovisual technology solutions that enhance the healthcare experience for patients, visitors, and staff. With decades of experience in the healthcare market and more than 2,500 hospital and healthcare clients nationwide, Avidex has a legacy of designing, integrating, supporting, and servicing complex audiovisual solutions inside and outside of the patient room. Avidex’s proprietary TigrPX interactive patient engagement solution (IPS) helps hospitals educate, engage, and entertain patients to improve patient outcomes, care quality, and hospital performance. 

Our longevity in the healthcare industry has enabled us to develop longstanding, trusted relationships with solutions that help drive quality metrics for patient satisfaction and clinical performance amidst an ever-changing healthcare landscape. 

TigrPx: Interactive Patient Engagement 

Engage, Educate, and Inform Patients

Avidex’s TigrPX Interactive Patient Engagement System (IPS) transforms how patients are engaged, educated, entertained, and cared for to improve the patient and staff hospital experience. Developed from decades of evidence-based research and a deep understanding of the patient experience, TigrPX delivers patient-centered engagement tools, staff-patient communication, automated staff workflows with EMR/hospital system integrations, and optimizes the patient care environment with virtual care platform partners.

Patients and family have access to :

  • On-demand patient-specific education and information about their care
  • Hospital services for convenience and comfort
  • Delivery of virtual care services through the patient television

Dedicated support with our Client Outcomes Management ensures optimum Interactive Patient System performance and demonstrable value.

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AV Solutions for Every Space

Healthcare organizations rely on technology to help make diagnoses, provide care, train and support staff, and keep patients and their families engaged. We offer an extensive range of quality, user-friendly, and reliable solutions that help our healthcare clients improve performance and streamline care delivery.

Drive care coordination and improve the overall patient and staff experience with Avidex's proprietary TigrPX interactive patient solution combined with healthcare-grade patient televisions, digital whiteboards, and seamless integrations with virtual care platforms. 





Digital displays and signage help to keep your visitors entertained and informed while in public spaces. Simplified content management enables streamlined delivery of customized content and branded messages to patients, visitors, and staff. 




Easy to use and reliable audiovisual and unified communications equipped meeting and collaboration environments help to keep your administration and clinical teams connected, innovative, and collaborative.




With digital signage in your cafes and cafeterias, menu items can be updated immediately. Plus strategically placed digital signage can also be used to promote menu specials and health initiatives.





Avidex delivers unified audiovisual solutions that allow classrooms and training facilities to function flawlessly, reliably, and productively. Whether your space is to educate staff, medical students, or medical conference attendees, innovative audiovisual systems can take learning to a new level.





Use digital signage throughout your hallways for directions and wayfinding, meeting room scheduling, promoting public health initiatives, and conveying important facility safety messages. 





Donor video wall in hospital lobby
Hospital Digital Signage
Hospital Cafeteria with digital displays for menus
Nuses Station with a digital display for room listing
Healthcare Organizations use digital signage for wayfindign


Vividly Present Your Message on a Digital Canvas

Promote your hospital's excellence in care and create a warm, welcoming environment for all those who enter your healthcare facility. Digital signage and wayfinding applications help to keep patients, visitors, and staff well-informed and empowered with up-to-date information. 

Use the digital canvas as an opportunity to recognize donors, or promote community health messages and services through an impactful and eye-catching visual experience. There are numerous applications for using digital displays throughout your healthcare facility.

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Meeting & Conference Spaces

Quality AV Technology Fosters Greater Productivity

Healthcare facilities need meeting and conference spaces just like businesses, to connect staff and drive productivity.  From large board rooms to clinical team huddle spaces, our meeting spaces are designed to quickly and easily enable collaboration for in-person and hybrid meetings.

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Drive Care Coordination

Improve the overall patient and family experience with a digital patient whiteboard. Real-time information, provided from the patient's EMR, is presented to staff, patients, and their families.  Digital whiteboards eliminate the need to manually update information on static whiteboards thereby improving patient safety.

Digital door signage outside the patient room avoids paper signage that can be outdated and inaccurate. Relevant patient information updated automatically ensures safer care for both patients and staff.


AV Solutions for Training Facilities

Classrooms, tumor boards, simulation labs, and lecture halls help bring medical teams together physically and virtually to advance patient treatment and care.

Immersive audiovisual technology for medical training and diagnostic consultations help hospitals and health systems stay competitive.


Display Solutions for Healthcare

From the patient room to the hospital boardroom, Avidex has a well-established reputation for audiovisual performance excellence.

Outside the Patient Room

Today's modern healthcare facilities are digitally advanced with display solutions implemented throughout the medical campus to communicate their message and drive efficiencies. 

Donor Recognition
Community Health Awareness
Foundation Activities
Cafe Menus
Nurse Station and Clinical Diagnostic Displays
Meeting and Presentation Spaces

Using Digital Display for Medical Teaching

Inside the Patient Room

Avidex is the leading provider of healthcare-grade televisions and related services, content, and infrastructure solutions to hospitals and healthcare environments in the US. Patient room televisions enhanced with an interactive patient care solution plays an important part in patient outcomes and a familiar connection to home.



Male Patient with Pillow Speaker

Hospital IPTV Systems

For Centralized Content Management

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) offers an enterprise-wide cost-effective TV solution with substantial installation and system management advantages.

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Best In Class Healthcare Clients

Some of the nation's top healthcare systems trust Avidex to be their audiovisual integration partner.



Northwestern Medicine Atrium Health FMC-Logo HCA Kaiser Nebraska Medicine Johns Hopkins Community Health Systems
Avidex continues to demonstrate their strong TV and AV expertise in helping us design and install systems in our dialysis centers that support our patient care goals.
Terry McNeal, Real Estate Construction Servides
Fresenius Medical Care
Our Avidex Outcomes Manager is a Rock Star who is always working to advance the patient experience at our hospital…He has been a huge support during the COVID crisis and a valuable member of our team. Thank you for all you do!
Director of Patient Experience
New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital
For a television to be installed in a patient room and integrated into our system for nursing calls through pillow speakers, I would typically have to manage more than three vendors...Avidex removed all the administrative and management of vendors off of me, thereby providing a turnkey solution.
David Ota, Sr. Director of Technical Operations
Ernest Health

Free Guide: Empower caregivers, Engage patients, and Elevate Brands

How Digital Displays Elevate the Patient Experience—
and Streamline Critical Communications

We've teamed up with Samsung to offer this free guide with 10 opportunities for incorporating digital display technology into your healthcare design-and-build projects. 

From improving the flow of clinical information to positioning your institution as the pinnacle of industry advancement, these use cases will demonstrate the power modern digital displays hold in advancing both patient outcomes and business outcomes in equal measure.

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