IPTV for Hospitals

The complete picture in patient infotainment.

Create Better Patient, Visitor, and Staff Experiences

IPTV Delivers the Optimum Platform 

Consumer demand for improved access to information anytime, anywhere, through any device has also transformed how we watch television. Today’s patients now expect a similar at-home multi-media experience while hospitalized.

Entertain, Inform, and Educate

By providing higher quality television services, patient satisfaction in your health system can be greatly enhanced while achieving health system objectives such as:

• Advance quality, safety, and efficiency goals
• Engage patients and family
• Improve care coordination, and population health
• Maintain privacy and security of patient health information



Infotainment On Demand

IPTV combines your television system and IT network for a customizable and streamlined content distribution solution. Patients can control their TV with a pillow speaker or with a tablet that is integrated with their EMR system. Designed to elevate the patient and visitor experience, TeleHealth Services’ PXi Patient Infotainment solution includes:

  • A Customizable Interactive Program Guide (point and click)
  • Foreign Language Menus
  • Movies On Demand
  • Music Genres On Demand
  • Noise/Sound Reduction, Relaxation, and Sleep Calming Content
  • Hospital Custom Videos On Demand
  • Hospital-wide Messaging (Welcome Information, Reminders, or Alerts)
  • Option for Casting from Patient Tablet to TV

With the television as part of your IT network, you can easily and completely customize the patient and visitor experience, cost efficiently.

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Targeted Hospital Information and Visual Branding

Customized Communication with Your Audience

Patient, visitor, and staff televisions throughout your facility can display key public health messages,  hospital information, and valuable services offered that support your community.




The patient user interface can be configured to automatically direct non-clinical patient requests (environmental services, ice chips, etc.) triggered by tablet or pillow speaker to appropriate service teams.


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Integrated Patient Education 

Proven to Foster Better Outcomes

IPTV delivers the optimal platform for a more advanced and empathetic patient education experience with our TigrPX solution. Patients choose their own user interface (with just one click) for more personalized interaction with the system.

TigrPX also integrates with other clinical information systems (ADT, EMR, CPOE, etc.) to assign patients condition-specific videos and document patient care plan activity for improved clinical workflows and better health outcomes.

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Patients Access a Wealth of Content

With IPTV, media is streamed in small batches directly from the source.  As a result, a client media player—i.e., a patient’s bedside television—can begin displaying content before an entire source file has been transmitted. This provides patients with immediate access to virtually unlimited programming/content.

Patients access a wealth of content

More Efficient Use of Staff Resources

Ideal for new construction and renovation projects, IPTV offers an enterprise-wide cost-effective television solution with substantial installation and system management advantages. For example, built-in scalability makes IPTV inherently faster and easier to deploy thereby conserving valuable technical staff resources.

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"Patient television platforms should not simply be viewed as a passive source of entertainment, but rather as an opportunity to be a primary method to communicate with patients and actively enhance experience."
Brittany Branson, MD
Medical Director of Clinical Operations at Yale New Haven Health System

Featured Project 

Yale New Haven Health System


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Yale New Haven Health System used their IPTV system  to promote human connection during periods of social isolation for both patients and staff. The "Cards from the Community" program  engaged  local schools and institutions to encourage the creation of digital cards  by children from the various hospital service areas. The cards  express hope, appreciation, and well wishes for both patients and hospital staff.

Read the full story in the Patient Experience Journal.



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