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Working closely with Fortune 500 companies for nearly fifteen years, and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Avidex understands the challenges and solutions needed to deliver amazing results for our corporate clients in today’s modern corporate environment.

Accelerate your company by building spaces for innovation, strategy, and collaboration. As a leading AV technology provider Avidex will provide you with the AV solutions that will exceed your organization's communications and business goals. We strive to provide everyone who walks through the door a seamless, unforgettable experience. By building a scalable, standardized, and serviceable solution, Avidex can help your business be more competitive, improve your operations, and deliver amazing results to your clients.


Whether your business needs require full-scale conference rooms, huddle spaces or anything in between, the experience must be seamless and productive. Effective audiovisual system design and the best in unified communication (UC) and display technologies will ensure your organization empowers employees with the right tools for success.

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Executive Briefing Centers or EBCs are designed to dazzle visitors, showcase your company in its most impressive light, and ultimately close business. With interactive, cutting-edge audio visual technologies that work together seamlessly, Avidex will help you create a shared and unique experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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Companies today are investing in cutting-edge, functional, and inspiring audio visual solutions for every area of their corporate campus. Specialty spaces like all-hands rooms, cafeterias, auditoriums, lobbies, and more are helping our corporate clients communicate their message, recruit and retain talent, and collaborate like never before.

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Today’s varied learning styles and tech-savvy business minds demand an audio visual rich learning experience. Thoughtful AV design and technology implementation is essential to promote engagement and deliver learning experiences that are not only efficient and productive but enjoyable as well.

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Operations Centers, including NOCs and SOCs are the center of your organizational infrastructure. With specialized design requirements, capabilities, and goals Avidex takes a consultative approach to the custom design and integration of these specialized spaces.

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With endless applications, digital signage is a powerful tool for the modern corporate client. Enabling your company to communicate your message, deliver graphical data visualization, and create experiences in new and exciting ways throughout your corporate spaces.

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