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Your Partners for Hybrid Work Solutions

Logitech and Avidex support hybrid work with easy to set up and simple to use video collaboration solutions that are built for both the office and the remote worker.  Our solutions encourage meeting equity and equal participation by allowing everyone to be seen and heard clearly, which creates an equitable meeting experience for everyone.  Our people-first approach to design is why we’re loved by end-users and the first choice of IT leaders. Our goal is to help people and teams work better together from anywhere without compromising on quality, productivity, or the creativity that comes from collaboration.



Solutions to Unlock the Full Spectrum of Work

Logitech's innovative solutions blend cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, empowering seamless connections and interactions. Whether it’s a virtual meeting or a creative project, Logitech transforms collaboration, making it more intuitive, effective, and enjoyable with a room's worth of collaboration solutions.


The Rally Bar Huddle

Engineered for supreme clarity and robust connectivity, the Rally Bar Hufflr effortlessly enhances your collaborative experiences. With pristine audio and razor-sharp visuals, it ensures your team stays connected, capturing every detail.

Versatile, sleek, and user-friendly - Rally Huddle Bar is your gateway to unparalleled communication.

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The Logitech Sight

Empowering hybrid meetings with AI

Designed specifically for medium to large collaboration spaces, the cutting-edge Sight camera revolutionizes hybrid meetings by effortlessly capturing conversations and nonverbal cues from all corners of the room.

Equipped with state-of-the-art 4K cameras and a remarkable array of 7 beamforming mics, Sight ensures crystal-clear audio and video quality, guaranteeing that every word and gesture is captured with utmost precision. With its intuitive indicator lights and privacy shade feature, this innovative device offers seamless signaling and complete control over your meeting's status.

Elevate your collaboration experience with Sight and unlock the full potential of your meetings.

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Meeting equity is still a push-pull between a hybrid workforce and in-room technology. The Logitech Sight is the answer to leveling the conference space for on-site and remote collaborators.

No more body blocking,  no more side profile. Thanks to the Sight's intelligent processing and robust audio and video capture the angle on the screen is always the most appropriate and clear.



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Collaboration Solutions for Every Worker, Everywhere

Transform your workplace into a hybrid collaboration powerhouse with the combined power of Avidex solutions and Logitech technology.  Businesses, schools, hospitals, and public offices can take advantage of solutions designed specifically for their workspace.

Enterprise Solutions

In today’s diverse enterprise landscape, optimizing work environments is crucial, be it in-office, hybrid, or remote. Navigate work effortlessly with Logitech’s superior range of products, software, and services, meticulously crafted for enterprises. Designed to enhance employee experiences, Logitech solutions unlock unparalleled productivity and collaboration for your team, transcending geographical constraints.

With Logitech, experience a seamless integration of technology and innovation, tailored exclusively to meet the dynamic needs of your enterprise, ensuring every interaction is a step toward a more connected, collaborative future!



Education Solutions

In the ever-evolving education landscape, technology is integral to reshaping how students learn, educators teach, and institutions operate. To create impactful and meaningful learning experiences that drive better outcomes, having the right technology is key.

Logitech solutions are purposely designed to enhance teaching and learning as well as support the administrative needs in today's dynamic education environments. With Logitech, educators can engage students more effectively so that meaningful learning interactions can take place while schools can operate more efficiently and support the demand for flexible work and learning that drive academic and institutional success.

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Solutions for the Public Sector

Today’s government employees work in diverse settings such as offices, hybrid environments, and remote locations, where managing work and service delivery effectively can present significant challenges. As a result, government organizations must adapt and implement flexible technologies to ensure efficient work and effective service delivery in diverse workplace settings.

Trusted by governments worldwide over the past 40 years, Logitech’s secure, standards-based productivity, collaboration, mobility and creativity solutions enable governments to unlock new possibilities in the way they serve, protect and engage citizens.

Whether it’s from a remote location or a conference room, Logitech makes it easy to optimize communication, streamline operations and enhance service delivery using the devices and platforms used by governments.

Our easy-to-use, cost-effective, sustainable solutions can help your agency

Whether it’s from a remote location to support continuity of operations or a conference room to optimize interagency collaboration - Logitech has you covered.

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Healthcare Solutions

Advancements in technology, ongoing innovation, and the availability of high bandwidth are opening up new avenues for patients and providers to connect. However, providers still face the ongoing challenges associated with optimizing digitally enabled care.

Healthcare organizations turn to Logitech’s diverse portfolio of high-quality, flexible and cost-effective productivity, collaboration and mobility solutions to enhance care experiences, improve provider workflows, and reduce costs. From telehealth and administration to support continuing medical education and research, Logitech delivers trusted technology to optimize modern healthcare environments and improve patient outcomes.

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The LOGI Dock Flex

Upgrade Your Workspace

Experience unmatched connectivity, crystal-clear audio, and effortless device integration, all in a sleek design. With one-touch meeting controls and intuitive display settings, it promises a clutter-free, productive workstation, bridging superior functionality with aesthetic excellence.

Upgrade your workspace with simplicity and sophistication with the Logi Dock Flex.


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