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Davita Healthcare Partners, Inc.

Designing its New Home to Feature Communications Systems That Enables Collaboration Across Multiple Locations



Designing its New Home to Feature Communications Systems That Enables Collaboration Across Multiple Locations


DaVita is committed to elevating the health and quality of life of its over 200,000 dialysis patients around the world.


The Challenge

In relocating its Finance Central Business Office from Tacoma, WA to Federal Way, WA, DaVita needed its new home to have communication systems that would empower personnel to collaborate across multiple corporate locations.


The Solution

DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc partnered with Avidex to transform its Federal Way Finance Central Business Office into a vibrant environment that encourages open collaboration and the free flow of ideas. Using video and audio solutions that include teleconferencing, touch control touch panels, and interactive collaboration software, the Avidex team empowered DaVita to collaborate and share knowledge with participants from around the world. This project was extremely fast track and the Avidex team rose to the occasion to accommodate DaVita’s phased move from the old facility to the new one, with the goal of minimizing downtime. Avidex’s team worked closely with DaVita to first design and then implement the audio video systems in stages to meet the collaborative demands of the newly arriving teammates.



The design phase included developing room definitions for the different types of collaborative spaces. The audio video systems in these rooms ran the gamut from a simple wall mounted 46” display with connectivity for a laptop at the meeting table to a 45 seat boardroom complete with full HD video projection onto a 150” diagonal screen supplemented with 80” LED HD displays to give all meeting participants a great view of the content being presented. The complex system is seamlessly controlled via a tabletop touchscreen device. The Avidex design staff has extensive experience in GUI, or graphical user interface, development. This expertise was leveraged here to provide C-Level personnel with a convenient and logical way to access the technology that was quite complex.

Another interesting feature of the installation was the personality of the regional office. Many meeting rooms had a theme that made them memorable and encouraged creative thinking. The audio video system was designed and implemented to support this freely creative, open communication environment through keeping the user interfaces as simple as possible with the goal of effectively making the technology transparent to the DaVita creative process.

For all-hands, town hall type meetings DaVita designated two training rooms with removable walls that were adjacent to the cafeteria. With the walls opened the space is the largest continuous space in the facility. This space is a great example of where communication can happen on an intimate scale within the context of a training room and then evolve and expand to include a teleconference from the Corporate Headquarters in Denver that can address the entire DaVita Team Evergreen North teammates. The reconfiguration of the spaces and the associated technology is seamlessly executed with touchscreen control.

Avidex prides itself on using the design process to better understand the culture of our clients. This understanding drives the types and levels of technology that we employ. The Avidex Team oriented follow-through in the integration process, including technology training which insured that DaVita had AV solutions that allows them to go about their business a little better with a greater ability to collaborate across boundaries.

By the end of the project, DaVita not only had a new Federal Way Finance Central Business Office, it had solutions that significantly improved its ability to communicate, both internally and externally as well.


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