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Creating An Immersive Wellness Experience Through Audiovisual Innovation

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Creating An Immersive Wellness Experience Through Audiovisual Innovation.


Sanctuary Studios is the world's first technology-enabled, immersive wellness studio allowing anyone to create their own micro-retreat in a private spa-like environment.


The Challenge

Sanctuary Studios is the world's first technology-enabled, immersive wellness studio allowing anyone to create their own micro-retreat in a private spa-like environment. At their showcase location in Seattle, guests can enjoy a truly rich and customized experience supported by audiovisual technology and engaging wellness content. The cinematic audio and video experience guide completely personalizes guest experiences by offering an environment controlled by software and hardware automation.

"We sought to create a rich and immersive experience that allows each guest to transport themselves from their daily environment to some of the most beautiful places in the world," says founder Robert Martin. "Once you've chosen the elements of your experience on the Sanctuary app or website, and walk into the studio, we want the technology that underpins the experience to melt away to help our guests fully disconnect from the many distractions of daily life as they engage in their own pursuit of mindfulness."


The Solution

Building on their existing relationship and previous collaboration with members of the Avidex design and engineering team, Sanctuary selected Avidex as their trusted integrator. Working closely with the Sanctuary team to understand their goals for the desired guest experience was critical to designing the audiovisual and room automation systems.


Sanctuary Studios with Avidex AV integration


"The experience is completely driven by technology. The wall of video is a cinematic experience that was part of the vision from day one, to create a life-size, virtual instructional experience. Lighting and temperature automation are complemented by an exceptional audio experience to replicate the amazing locations our wellness content is captured."
Ryan Hufford | Chief Technical Officer, Sanctuary Studios

Private and group studios are booked via the Sanctuary app, allowing guests to customize their studio experience through the ambiance of light, temperature, and scent before entering the studio or via a user-friendly touch control panel in the room. These experiential details are all controlled by a highly advanced, invisible to the user QSC control system that allows for a multitude of customizations. For example, infrared ceiling heaters are used to obtain high temperatures necessary for hot yoga, but not attainable by the building heating system. Studio air handling also has a complex set of demands, including rapid heat rises, immediate cool-downs, optional blown scents, complete room ventilation, and air sanitization at the end of each session.

Guests are greeted by an impressive front screen, measuring over 13' wide and nearly 8' tall, creating an edge-to-edge window to the world feeling. Epson ultra short-throw projectors fill the entire screen and deliver stunning, high-definition, life-size wellness content unique to the Sanctuary Studios experience. The selection of the ultra short-throw lens keeps the projector very close to the screen, allowing people to move about without interfering with the projected image. Guests can literally stand next to the screen and not block the projected content.

Special care and consideration were given to create a dynamic audio experience to transport guests to their chosen environment. Each studio has a Meyer Sound 5.1 surround system to provide a sense of location and movement within the sound field. The five surround speakers and subwoofer are hidden from view around the studio and provide the required dynamic range. Imagine a beach scene with a large fire burning and an instructor demonstrating yoga poses on screen. The audio experience is providing the location of the crackle of the fire behind you, the instructor's voice is coming in beside you, and the ocean waves can be heard in the forefront to create a fully enveloping experience.

"A key element of the experience is for guests to feel like they are being transported to where they see on the screen. High-quality audio and video are critical to that."                       
Lindsay Dygert | Brand Director, Sanctuary Studios

The Outcome

Sanctuary Studios, with the help of Avidex, has created a new category in the wellness market. Guests are now embarking on their wellness journeys and leaving five-star reviews and ratings. One guest commented, "I was having a hard time finding a space where I could come in and feel protected from the outside world, and I found that in Sanctuary. I love the design and how the experience transports you to another state."

Sanctuary Chief Technology Officer Ryan Hufford's vision was influenced by more than 20 years of technology and AV experience. As an experienced integrator himself, Hufford said, "It is always good working with Avidex. I have known the Avidex team for a long time. They are well known for what they do; they have learned my style and earned my trust. A good relationship makes working together easier and the outcome better."


Sanctuary has plans to open more than 1,000 locations over the next decade, including corporate campuses, commercial real estate locations, luxury living developments, and others to offer Sanctuary's unique wellness experience to residents, customers, and employees. Hufford said as Sanctuary expands to new locations, a key benefit is Avidex's nationwide footprint to support the expansion.



About Sanctuary Studios

Sanctuary Studios, Inc. offers the world's first technology-enabled, immersive wellness studio, allowing anyone to create their own micro-retreat in a private spa-like environment. Founded in 2018 in Seattle, Washington, Sanctuary brings the world's most engaging teachers and inspiring wellness content into each studio through a leading-edge cinematic audio and video experience. Showcasing content filmed in stunning locations around the globe, initial class offerings include yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, and sound healing. Each Sanctuary session can be personalized through an app, allowing control over a selection of adjustable elements from content to temperature. Founded by a passionate group of wellness enthusiasts and technologists,

Sanctuary is a place to help guests fully disconnect from the many distractions of daily life as they engage in their own pursuit of mindfulness. For more information, visit https://meetsanctuary.com/

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