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Exceptional quality healthcare televisions for patient rooms.

Improve Patient Satisfaction and Experience 

Enhancing the patient experience includes the specialized use of patient room TVs. Studies show that higher patient experience scores positively correlate with better clinical outcomes and are associated with higher hospital profitability. Our longstanding relationship with top healthcare TV and display manufacturers provides patients, family, and visitors with the ultimate home-like television viewing experience and ensures overall patient satisfaction.

Choose from a Wide Selection of Healthcare TV Models

With a combined history of healthcare facility experience (between Avidex and TeleHealth Services) we have forged our presence as the largest supplier of industry-leading brands of hospital-grade televisions nationwide including LG, Samsung, and PDi.

Our commitment to safety, superior service, warranties, and an incredibly dependable line of HD, FHD, and UHD hospital-grade televisions allows us to bring highly advanced patient television solutions to the healthcare industry at an affordable price point.

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Why Choose Hospital-grade TVs for Your Healthcare Facility?

Hospital-grade (or healthcare-grade) televisions provide long-term value for your hospital. These TVs not only offer features that consumer televisions simply do not have such as warranties that cover hospital use, but they also meet hospital-level performance and adhere to stringent hospital safety requirements as outlined by Underwriters Laboratories.

Smart TV Features

Smart TVs for healthcare feature wifi and integrated access to patient education and entertainment solutions with the operational features your facility needs such as digital decoding/decryption and IPTV readiness.

Direct-Access Pillow Speaker Interface

An easy-to-use interface for multiple styles of pillow speakers is built right into the TV. This eliminates the hassle of lost remotes and changing batteries.

Cost Savings

LED technology not only provides a better TV experience for your patients, but it also uses less energy than LCD televisions. Switching to LED hospital televisions can add up to big savings for your facility.

Stunning Picture Quality

Patients will enjoy stunning HD/FHD/UHD picture quality, as well as access to an expanded lineup of HD channels to enhance your patient experience and increase patient satisfaction.

Safety and Other Key Features

Hospital-grade TVs are UL Listed and must meet certain safety regulations put forth by regulatory agencies, such as the National Fire Protection Agency, The Joint Commission, and the National Electrical Code. Hospital-grade televisions are constructed with compliance in mind, ultimately promoting safety and reducing liability at your medical facility.

For improved hospital efficiency, healthcare televisions offer displays that enable multi-TV management capabilities, USB cloning technology, volume-limit controls, and auto-sensing side inputs. Facility managers will benefit from the side-mounted USB ports for convenient set-up, an on-site warranty program, and a simple-to-use content management system.

Patient TV-Avidex

Healthcare Displays for Every Space

Our conference rooms are designed to quickly and easily enable large and small group meetings with virtually no user difficulty and zero start-up time. Best-in-class AV systems are combined with an intuitive and consistently reliable one-touch user experience.


Healthcare TV Conference Room


Hospitals can be confusing places to navigate, and with fewer points of human interaction that allow patients and visitors to ask for directions, it’s more important than ever to offer simple, clear wayfinding solutions. Digital signage - sometimes referred to as Public Information Displays, or PIDs - plays a key role in enabling user-friendly wayfinding around a healthcare facility. Patients & visitors entering the lobby expect and rely on digital signage to make their visit more enjoyable.


Digital Signage


Deliver hospital-approved and branded messaging to patients and visitors throughout your facility to keep patients, visitors, and staff well-informed about hospital policies, safety, procedures, and events. Patients in waiting rooms, hospital staff at their stations, and employees chatting in the break room are all venues where digital signage makes a difference.




Health-grade TVs deliver spectacular HD picture quality and are a critical link for patients to hospital staff and the outside world. TeleHealth Services is the largest supplier of leading brands of hospital-grade TVs including LG, Samsung, and PDi to healthcare facilities nationwide. Increasingly, large in-room displays are seen as a critical tool to reduce patient anxiety.


Patient Room TV Avidex


Executive boardrooms at hospitals are used in a variety of ways including to convene meetings of the board of trustees, host events with local community and government agency partners, and even act as command centers in times of public health crises. Highly customized video walls or large format displays are available to suit room size and seating configuration. Videoconferencing systems include high-definition cameras to cover the field of view and follow the speaker.


Executive Boardroom


Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare-Grade TVs


IPTV combines your healthcare television system and IT network for a customizable and streamlined content distribution solution. Patients control their TVs with a pillow speaker or with a tablet that is integrated with their EMR.

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We collaborate with renowned hospital architects, designers, and engineers on new construction and renovation projects across multi-use medical campuses to develop intricate TV and AV systems for any size healthcare facility.

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"The hospital's patient satisfaction scores have already started to improve..."

Patient engagement at this busy urban hospital sees improvement with an upgraded patient entertainment and integrated education system.

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