Outdoor Digital Signage

Avidex offers marquees and other display solutions to weather any storm.

Durable Outdoor Signage System Integration

Reach beyond the front door and captivate your audience with your message. Outdoor and window digital signage displays allow for exceptional, consistent content delivery and 24/7 performance.


Welcome visitors, promote events and fundraisers, or quickly broadcast emergency information with outdoor LED displays. These rugged, all-weather outdoor all-in-one solutions allow school districts, businesses, and other organizations to control multiple displays at once with cloud-based content management.

LED outdoor signage

Athletic Media Boards

Advance your athletic program and engage students, staff, and the community with dynamic digital displays. Broadcast athletic contest scores in real-time, showcase student achievement and create revenue-generating advertising opportunities with these convenient and easy-to-manage displays. 

The scoreboard is the visual centerpiece in any sports venue and functions on an entertainment and information level. Dynamic scoreboard applications including end boards and center-hung installations deliver high-resolution live-action replays demanded by fans.


vertical standout displays

Outdoor standout displays elevate outdoor advertising with their bold and engaging content delivery, making any business stand out from the crowd or providing outdoor wayfinding for sprawling campuses.

  • Specially designed and engineered to weather all outdoor elements with protective glass and IP56 certification
  • High brightness delivers excellent legibility and visibility, even in bright sunlight
  • Built-in dimming sensors automatically adjust to optimize visibility for day or night
  • Operationally efficient
  • Built-in operating systems with easy-to-manage content management

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